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Fishing Rules

Every fisher (between ages 18-64) is obligated to purchase two fishing licence fees; a general fee for fishing in Finland and another specially for Merikarvianjoki. Fishers are obligated to carry the receipt of the payment with them as a verifying document.
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Fishing is allowed around the year
Fishing is allowed with a spoon bait, fly or other synthetic lures
Using worms or other living baits and bait pastes is forbidden
Fishing with a worm-fishing rod is forbidden in all cases
Ice Fishing
Ice fishing is allowed with Merikarvianjoki river licence (without general fishing management fee)
Everyman's right does not entitle fishers to fish in Merikarvianjoki River. The Merikarviajoki River licence is always needed.
Using worms or other living baits and bait pastes is forbidden
Catch Quotas
Catch quota is two (2) rainbow trouts per 24 hours
Family licence includes three (3) rainbow trouts per 24 hours
For exceeding the given number it is needed to purchase a new licence (before you continue fishing)
Minimum landing sizes (for fish) in Merikarvianjoki River
Rainbow trout: No limits

Trouts, salmons, whitefishes and graylings in the Merikarvianjoki river region must always be released
Catch and release
All trouts, salmons, whitefishes and graylings in the Merikarvianjoki river area must always be released.
By releasing fish the natural increasing of the fish stock is improved.
General information
During the late fall avoid wading on the gravel grounds, otherwise you might harm the salmon spawn. Locations under wading prohibitions are marked.
Walking on private yards and plantations is forbidden
Using private roads without permission is forbidden
Parking the car the way that is disturbing transportation is forbidden
Campfires are allowed only in marked locations
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